We raise several designer breeds of dogs. Our mixes are Eskipoos, Schnoodles, and Cockapoos. There are, of course, variations between individual dogs because they are living things with their own personalities and experiences, but there are also some general characteristics that are usually true about each breed. We have tried to post some of them here to help you in your decision making process when you are evaluating which kind of dog would be the best fit for your family. We have also pointed out some general characteristics of males and females.

Males tend to be:
more playful, more laid back, less prone to obsessive behaviors, more likely to bond well with an entire family vs just one person, prone to laziness.

Females tend to be:
more serious about life, more protective of children, more alert and active, more likely to be loyal to just one person but still great family dogs.

Both sexes are wonderful in their own way. We love them all!

Our Eskipoos usually range from 12-18 lbs. They are almost always 13-14 inches high at the shoulder.
Eskipoos are a moderate activity level dog...they do need exercise, but are not hyper or bouncing off the walls! The characteristic that most Eskipoo lovers single out as their favorite is their unbelievable intelligence and intuitive ability to understand humans. If you love to have a dog make constant eye contact with you, you will love the Eskipoo. Many people who have them have said they are calm like big dogs. Most Eskipoos are not overly vocal (IE: yappy.) When we have one in a litter, we point in out in our temperament testing. Eskipoos are much like Cockapoos in that they are very social and cuddly, however, they are more intelligent then Cockapoos and, as a result, can be a bit willful as pups. Most of them are very friendly with everyone, though we have had a couple that are more reserved towards strangers. They are never independent with their "families." 75% of Eskipoos never shed. The rest are low shedding...still a huge improvement on a double coated dog that sheds out twice a year! Their coat is usually wavy and silky soft. They look like teddy bears their whole lives.

Schnoodles are a very similar dog but have a more comical nature. They are very playful and are a little higher energy then an Eskipoo, though still a moderate, not high, energy dog. There is a wider temperament range in Schnoodles, with some of them being quite submissive and cuddly and others being a bit dominant. These variations show up well in the temperament testing.

They are about the same weight, but often an inch shorter in height. They are great little dogs! They range from 14-22 lbs.
Schnoodles are always 100% non-shedding as both Schnauzers and Poodles are also.

Cockapoos are very kind, loyal dogs. They are known for their dedicated loyalty and devotion. They are not as intensely intelligent as either of the other 2 breeds, but they are still definitely intelligent enough to train well and they have a high drive to please people, which is really nice. The slightly lower intelligence actually makes them a lower maintenance breed as the more intelligent the dog, the more interaction it requires. They are less likely to be willful and they are always cuddly. They are a very
popular dog and people who have had them often won't have any other breed.

Like Eskipoos, 75% of Cockapoos never shed. The rest are low shedding...still a huge improvement on a double coated dog that sheds out twice a year! Their coat is usually very wavy to curly and silky soft. They range from 16-25 lbs.

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