Hi Donna,

I've been meaning to give you an update on Sparky, but life has been busy! He is a great little dog, and EVERYWHERE we go, everyone wants to know what breed he is and where we got him. I'm not kidding -- EVERYWHERE.

We go to the dog park regularly and people are constantly coming up to us and asking about him. He has such a lovely temperament -- gentle, smart, eager to please and pretty easy to teach. He's found his voice and tends to bark at passersby, but we've been working on it and it's actually improving (we never had any luck with our other dogs).

Anyway, he is a true joy to have around. He did get a bout of kennel cough that took a while to shake, but he seems perfectly fine now. We also had a snafu with his coat, since we're not used to grooming dogs. His puppy coat was so soft and fine that it got super matted and we had to have him shaved. I didn't recognize him when I went to pick him up. He looked about 1/3rd his normal size! It wasn't very cute, although, he got compliments everywhere we went. Now that it has grown out some, it doesn't mat nearly as much, and we're better about combing him out. He's very easy going about nail trims and teeth brushing, and he barely even notices when I pluck his ears.

At night all he does is lay on us like a total couch potato. Even though he's still a pup, he's not a "spaz". He definitely has his moments, but generally, one good walk a day, or a trip to the dog park wipes him out and he's mellow the rest of the day.

I'm so grateful that you started his crate training for us because he doesn't make a peep all night. He even happily trots into his crate at night when he knows it's night night time. He doesn't like to be left alone and howls when we put him away to leave, but thankfully, someone is usually home so it's not that often.

He is definitely the best puppy we've ever had the pleasure to raise. He reminds me a lot of my beloved "Ginger" who died of an aneurysm when she was 14 months old. She was a vizsla and had much the same temperament as Sparky. She set the bar high, so that he even reminds me is very high praise.


I was excited to see that Lily had another litter of these beautiful dogs. I really do wish I could get another, but Bob is pretty dead set on only one. I'm working on it, though! Sparky is so good with other dogs of all sizes, I would love for him to have a playmate. Oh, he also did very well in puppy kindergarten. We're getting ready to do another round of training, and then perhaps moving on to agility. He's a lot of fun and has really integrated into our family with no problems.

Thank you so much for checking in and raising such wonderful little dogs. I do check your website periodically, and let people know where we got Sparky (I give them your web address). He's Mr. Popularity.

I'm attaching some recent pics. I'll send more -- we haven't actually taken very many, so I'll be
sure to do that and forward them on.

Hope all is well with you and your lovely children.

Take care.


After three wonderful years, we can't say enough. With two boys, ages 10 and 13, the decision of adopting a Schnoodle was perfect. Active enough for great play a Schnoodle was perfect. Active enough for great play time and calm enough for a good cuddle. The perfect match!

Molly was the alpha of her litter and with some training research, all went very well! They are veryintelligent dogs and learn very quickly. My husbands favorite attribute -- No shedding. This is such a blessing with a busy family.

Molly travels everywhere with us, and receives numerous compliments on her temperament andbehavior. I'm attaching some of our favorite pictures. Thanks so much for allowing us to make such a wonderful addition to our family.

The Lehrbach Family
(Gladstone, Oregon)


Chichi is the perfect dog!! She is the offspring of Spencer and Lily and boy do they make great babies!! She is active outside to inside, always loves walks and car rides but for us to return. We have a English bulldog and they are great friends, we also took her to a doggie daycare(kennel) when we went on vacation and she got along great with all the other dogs! She's just so happy, and not territorial at all. Her favorite thing is to be chased so she will to grab something ( toy, sock, etc.) and run hoping someone or something is behind her.

She also plays fetch and will bring it back and drop it, once she's certain you are not going to chase her for it. She was easy to potty train and knows basic commands like sit, lay down and shake.... although she does them when she wants too, she is a little independent at times. Anyway it's been an awesome year with an awesome dog with no health issues, and a happy temperament!

Thank you so much,
The Walters

Hello Donna,

Jazzy is the love of our lives! She goes everywhere with us and you can tell she is taking it personally! I've never loved a dog like her Jazzy's birthday was May 31, 2008 and I can't remember the name of her mom and dad but are they still producing pups? I love your kids web pages, so cute! They are doing things I used to do as a kid!

OK, I'll send that picture of Jazzy to you now! Looking forward to hearing from you Donna!



It's been quite a while since I've sent you anything. I do remember you saying you liked to see follow ups to dogs when their adults. I've sent a recent pic today of Miya...hope you like it. We went with a summer puppy cut for her since the weather has been hot lately. She's quite the mischief maker and is always finding some new way to cause trouble. I remember you saying she tested the highest in intelligence out of the litter and still shows it every day. She plays fetch with herself, bunny ball which is her taking a stuffed bunny as big as her and hitting a large ball around with it. She has figured out how to pull out the dining room chairs and jump up and get on top of the table. As a pup at about 5 lbs figured out how to pull out the kitchen drawers. I could list forever what she has amazed me with. At this point she weighs in at 16 lb, 10 ounces and is extremely healthy according to the vet. She gets raw meat twice a week and veggies daily. Otherwise her staple food is Orijen which gets alternated between each of the three varieties when we run out of it. In the meanwhile I hope things are going great for you guys up there! And thank you for the great little family dog that loves people! Still a beta though...I think I've only seen her boss one dog around.



Hello Donna,

First of all I wanted to say thank you. We love our little dog Phin, a schnoodle from Octavious and Briggita. We have had him for almost a year and we adore him!!! Phin is the most friendly dog we have ever owned. He is sweet and always kind to people and dogs. As of now Phin has been to puppy school and loves to learn and is crazy easy, house trained well.


We love our Sadie...she is the princess of our home! We have had years now and she is such a We love our Sadie...she is the blessing. My mom and one of my daughters is very allergic to dogs, but Sadie being a schnoodle has not effected them at all. We love the outdoors and like to take trips. Sadie is a great traveler. She does awesome in hotel rooms. She loves the water and is a fantastic dock dog! You can't throw a tennis ball enough for her! Yet she can be a great snuggler. She weighs 20 pounds and is the best size dog. She is smart, quick to learn, and easy to train.

Thank you!


Hi Donna!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my Millie. Her parents are Octavious and Brigitta and she is almost 9 months already. I took her to the vet the other day and she was 14 pounds, 6 ounces which I think is a perfect weight. When you did the personality test on her, you said "she loves to give kisses, she is very playful, bold, and confident, and that she may need a firm hand in training" and you were right on! She is always finding a way to cause trouble somehow, but it's hard to discipline her when she looks at me with that adorable little face and won't stop giving me kisses to say she's sorry! She loves to play catch and her favorite toy is anything that squeaks. For the most part, she is a very good girl. She is very smart as well. She learns tricks and commands very quickly. I love her so much and I'm very happy I went with the Schnoodle breed. Thank you so much for providing me with a very happy and healthy puppy!


Sherlock is an energetic puppy. He is very loving and loves to cuddle and play. He has his favorite toy (Chewbacca) and he is smart too. We will hide his favorite toy and he will look for it until he finds it, even though he has all these other toys to play with. Very very smart! He has the most precious eyes and look.

Melts my heart every time I see him. Anyone would be lucky to have a Schnoodle, especially one of Rosa's puppies. We will return to Echo Hills Ranch for Rosa's next litter because she produces the cutest puppies and Sherlock is the perfect puppy! We got very lucky that we got him!


Hello, Donna,

my name is Heather. Two years ago, we brought home our first Schnoodle, and she was from Willow's very first litter, born in March of 2012. We had the first deposit, so had the pick of the litter, and she (Quinn) is a wonderful little dog, and we just love her so. She is obedient, but still has independence and strength.

We call her our mighty dog, with a heart about 20 times the size of her! We could not possibly be happier with her. We had never had a little dog, we had always had Labs, and most recently, a boxer, but now I believe we will never have anything other than a Schnoodle again.


Hello Donna,

Our Schnoodle has brought so much laughter into our home. He is a great jogging companion for me and gets excited whenever he anticipates going jogging. He runs and jumps and barks for the first few minutes and brings smiles to everyone passing by. He has done well with our grandkids and thinks children are wonderful. We could not be happier with our choice of puppies and thought this would be a good time to get back to you and let you know that we are very pleased with our dog and grateful for the good puppy advice you gave us in the early training period. We have recommended you to several people. Best wishes and thanks to you,

Charlie and Chris


Our Schnoodle pup, Ziggy, had her first birthday recently, so I thought I would send some pics. She is a wonderful dog, just perfect for us. She loves people and other dogs. She has several potential "aunties:" friends who came to our house and loved her so much they've offered to take care of her for us if we need a dog sitter.

She is a happy little dog, ready to play. She has plenty of energy for a good walk, and loves to relax in our yard while we garden or chat with friends. She visits a day care one day per week to socialize with other dogs, and dances with excitement when she knows she is going.

She doesn't bark much, but does let us know when she hears someone nearby. She was easily house-trained, has good manners and is very gentle with everyone. The fact that she doesn't shed has endeared her to friends with allergies! We are so glad to have Ziggy.


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