There is the possibility that our new website will not yet be up when I temperament test this litter. If that is the case, I will email pics of each available pup to the people on the waitlist who are choosing. As of April 1, 2021 I will not be able to update this page anymore. Please call me at 509-738-6792 or email if you have any questions. We will make this work!


Cockapoos have been a popular cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel for many years. They are an intelligent, loyal little dog with the bonus of having hybrid vigor- that is, mixed breed dogs are healthier because they don't inherit most genetic problems of either breed!

Churro has a beautiful litter of Cockapoo puppies born February 20, 2021.

She has 2 boys and 6 girls!

All of these puppies will be placed through our Cockapoo Waitlist.

Boys above, girls below.


Churro is a sweet girl. She is very social and friendly, loving everyone. Churro weighs 22 lbs.


Jasper is a loving miniature Poodle. He is gentle and loves to be a lap dog. He is wonderful with children and other animals. He weighs 14 lbs.

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