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We do require face to face purchases so we cannot ship a pup to you on the airlines sight unseen. However, you may meet him/her when we deliver your puppy to Seattle or Spokane. We are also happy to meet you at our airport (Spokane GEG) with the pup, if you are flying in to pick up your puppy. You are not obligated to purchase a pup until you have met him or her and are happy with that pup.

The fees for delivery are $100 to Spokane or the Spokane airport and $150 to Seattle (Issaquah.)

Genetic Testing of Puppies

We do genetic testing on our dogs to help ensure the health of every puppy we breed. Please see each adult dog's page for their test results. We will not knowingly breed dogs that would produce health issues in their pups.

Echo Hills Ranch

We are not currently having any visitors to the ranch. We do have regular deliveries scheduled to the Seattle and Spokane areas. The fee is $150 for Seattle or $100 for Spokane.

Our next deliveries to Spokane and Issaquah will be announced here.

Please email us to confirm delivery!

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